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About Us

The DAT Collaborative is an industry group that has formed in order to define and submit for standardization a set of transport-independent, platform-independent Application Programming Interfaces that exploit the RDMA (remote direct memory access) capabilities of next-generation interconnect technologies such as InfiniBand, the Virtual Interface Architecture and iWARP.

How the DAT Collaborative works
  • Lightweight, low overhead
  • No promoters
  • No sponsors
  • Members have all the rights of promoters and sponsors
  • Any member can publish, add, modify, and bring forward anyone's contributions to any standards body
The Voting Rules
For issues requiring a vote, the following rules will apply:
  • One vote per member, as identified by a signed contributor's agreement
  • A member is considered in good standing:
    • initially, when the member signs the contributor's agreement
    • continuously, until member participation has lapsed for 2 consecutive meetings
    • again (reinstated) at the second consecutive meeting that they participate in
  • Any member in good standing can call for a vote of a written proposal at a meeting
  • Meetings must be announced on the reflector at least 1 week in advance
  • A good faith effort will be made to announce significant votes 1 week in advance
  • A quorum will be established if 40% of the members in good standing are participating in person at a meeting, over the phone bridge, or electronically, in a vote
  • A vote is decided when the number of affirmative or negative votes is greater than the number of opposite votes, when a quorum is participating in a vote
  • Any changes to these voting rules will require the approval of at least 60% of the members in good standing
A vote is concluded when all members participating in a meeting have voted or abstained, or if so indicated when the vote was called, on the seventh calendar day after the vote was called.