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The Registry maps Interface Adapter names to Provider libraries. It allows DAT Providers to register their libraries dynamically. It also allows Consumers to open Interface Adapters by name and to enumerate available Providers along with their library attributes. The dynamic registry is instantiated at most once per address space, no matter how many different Providers are in use.

The DAT Collaborative provides the sole implementation of the Registry for use with all Providers per platform.

The Provider MUST NOT install the Registry directly. Instead, the Provider should point the system administrator to this web site above as the source for the Registry for the latest version of the Registry for the platform.

Providers may include a copy of the latest Registry implementation for the operating systems they support within their packaging for the convenience of system administrators, display the version included in their package vs. the version currently installed, recommend a minimum version that should be installed, or provide separate installation instructions for updating the Registry implementation. But the administrator has an absolute control over which version is installed, and must not be left without a Registry installed when any given Provider is uninstalled.

Here is a pointer to the Registry for DAT versions 1.2 and above, both kDAPL and uDAPL Providers, for RedHat Linux 7.2 and above